Pipe Lining - by LightStream, LP

State of the Art Technology Pipe Lining

Why StreamLiner UV Fiberglass Pipe Lining? (......click here to download specification)
There are several pipe lining products in the U.S. market from PVC to felt liner cured with steam or water. StreamLiner UV™ cured in place pipe liner exceeds the strength and curing speed of any of these competing products. With our UV curing process, StreamLiner UV™ technology goes far beyond other products in strength, reliability, speed of installation and environmental impact. Our pipe lining system has proven itself to be the most cost effective in pipe rehabilitation infrastructure worldwide.

Ultraviolet light curing technology has been around for decades. Ten years ago it was introduced into the German CIPP marketplace as an alternative to heat cured felt lining. Since that time it has grown to dominate the market, and felt lining has steadily lost favor. Since fiberglass liner was introduced into the U.S. market, LightStream, LP’s pipe lining technology has been installed in more than 200,000 linear feet of sewer and storm drain pipe.

LightStream, LP currently supplies contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada from its San Diego, California manufacturing facility. The plant is equipped to produce over 80,000 linear feet of pipe lining per month utilizing computer controlled technology for distribution of resin impregnation with precise wall thickness accuracy. You may be assured that StreamLiner UV™ technology is setting the highest standard in the world.

StreamLiner UV™ is cured with ultraviolet light, not steam or hot water, thereby eliminating curing by-products. It is an excellent solution for cities concerned about flushing styrene-laced water into their sewer systems or disposing of styrene laced steam boiler water, a by-product of using felt liners. StreamLiner UV™ is environmentally friendly offering a clean and quiet solution for pipe lining rehabilitation.

Our company delivers pipe lining with curing speeds in the 4 to 8 foot per minute range. For instance, a length of 300 feet of 8” UV CIPP liner can be cured in 50 minutes. A flexural modulus of over 1.8M psi and flexural strengths reaching 60,000 psi make UV cured fiberglass an unparalleled pipe rehab solution. The independently tested durable life span of fiberglass pipe lining is 50 years at a minimum, but it will likely last far longer.

Speed, strength, and environmentally safe means this technology is versatile for every application - from canyons and back yard access to downtown streets. Our system needs little if any spot repair and no cool down time. StreamLiner UV™ does not shrink (felt shrinks up to 13%, requiring residual grouting and lateral seals) and fiberglass reinforcement allows for minimal wall thickness resulting in far less flow loss. The liner is trucked to your destination, and is ready to install with no prep on your part. It is a high standard product that has a 12 month shelf life, and needs no refrigeration, even in high temperature environments. The list goes on and on. No wonder the U.S. market has stood up and taken notice of StreamLiner UV™ and the promise of this exciting CIPP solution.