Cured in Place Pipe Lining Made in the USA by LightStream, LP

America's premier UV cured in place pipe (CIPP) fiberglass liner system - StreamLiner UV™.

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Made in the United States, StreamLiner UV™ was developed to bring the industry a cured in place pipe product that is strong, durable, cost competitive and environmentally friendly. Our CIPP liner, made from the highest quality materials, has become the leader in the U.S. marketplace for long-term solutions to aging industrial water and sewer pipelines. After StreamLiner UV™ is cured in place, it returns structural integrity to the pipe, increases flow, eliminates joints and prevents infiltration and exfiltration for 50+ years.

We offer a superior fiberglass cured in place pipe lining, a compact, computerized UV curing system, training and support. Our CIPP liners and parts for our StreamLiner UV™ Light Train cured in place pipe system are all readily available; no long down times waiting for shipments from Europe.

StreamLiner UV™
A fiberglass cured in place pipe lining solution far superior to standard felt liners. Test results (ASTM D790) show a flexural modulus of more than 1.8 million psi and a flexural strength of over 60,000 psi. StreamLiner UV™ will be three times stronger than felt when newly installed (ASTM D2990).

StreamLiner UV™ Light Train
The Light Train system is the most economical cured in place pipe UV light-curing device in the industry. Light Train affords contractors a competitive advantage via a system developed for ease, speed and flexibility that gets them in and out of the job in record time.

LightStream, LP has assembled a team of the most experienced installers of UV cured in place pipe liners in the world. Our professional teams offer detailed educational programs and on-site training. This assures contractors have a high level of success from the onset of their first UV installation contract.

LightStream, LP understands a contractor's reputation is at stake if something goes wrong at the job site. That is why we provide 24/7 access to solutions experts either on the job or virtually. We dedicate a team of professionals from upper management to support staff that will quickly respond to your needs. Rest assured, we know you have time and money on the line and you'll have onsite or remote support to troubleshoot any problems that may occur.